Agile and Scrum coaching. Your Agile Coach is a professional training and coaching company that provides a suite of training options to meet your needs. Our training solutions are two tiered, one geared towards corporate agile adoption and the other towards individual training and certification.

Many organizations are starting to understand that they need to be Agile in order to compete in today’s ever evolving markets and technology trends. All too often management has heard of Agile or Scrum and just says “go do it” without any organizational understanding or guidance. This is where Your Agile Coach comes in.
We provide guidance in many forms. We typically start with an “Organizational Awareness” program that would normally start with a ½ day classroom work shop learning about various agile frame works and then spending a day or 2 doing an inter-organization departmental alignment, to access how each of the different methodologies discussed might effect and improve Organizational response and adaptability. That would normally be followed with an internal boot camp geared more at the teams and doing a more in depth study of the various methodologies and performing a mock project trying to utilize some of the things garnered. Lastly we would provide some “Train the Trainer” sessions in order to be certain that there is a “Go to Person” within the organization.

Obviously that's just one option. We are here to meet your needs and will tailor our offering accordingly.

If you are an individual seeking (better) understanding or certification in Scrum and / or other Agile frame works then we can help there as well. We offer classroom and virtual instruction in order to insure that you are equipped with the knowledge, hands-on training, and confidence to lead and use Scrum and/or other Agile frameworks to successfully manage projects.

Our coaches are veteran trainers and practitioners who help you learn and transition through their own real life and hands on Agile experiences. There are many different Agile methodologies and there are many organizations that would like to help you learn their prescriptive way to become agile. Though we too have canned classes and offer several different certifications, our preferred approach with corporations and teams, is to walk through several different methodologies and help you tailor an Agile methodology best suited for your own environment.