Many organizations these days have a desire to transition their project management to an Agile framework. They realize the need to be adaptive in today's ever changing market place. However many fail because of a lack of understanding what is entailed in this transition. Your Agile Coach is here to help. We don't believe that there is a one size fits all way to do things in project management and thus offer a full spectrum of offerings to aide you in your transition. We can provide classroom training for individuals or for a group. We can tailor coaching for your organization to sessions ranging from just a single day to a few weeks. If you are interested in traditional project management or PMP certification we can help there too. We offer either individual or corporate classes for certification training there as well.
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Are you seeking an understanding of Agile and/or Scrum. Want to be a Scrum Master? Perhaps you are in traditional project management and would like to further your career by becoming a certified PMP? Our interactive classroom training can help. If your company is just starting out with Agile transformation or perhaps seeking to have several of your project managers PMP certified, we can help with in-house classes for a large group of your employees all at once.
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