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Adeel Asad Mirza

About Me

Here are some things that you should know about me.

Adeel Asad Mirza

Agile Coach & Pioneer in Agile Transformations
Certified Agile Coach and Scrum Master, I revel at successfully facilitating the Agile transformation of organisation.

I am an evangelist of Agile principles and methodology, specializing in Scrum, helping to deliver award-winning products through collaborative, transparent and engaged software delivery teams.

I am a hands-on Agile practitioner with a technical background in Data, operating a pragmatic approach and working with the options available whilst always aspiring to do things better.

My forte is being client facing with the ability to communicate complex technical concepts in an easy to understand manner, building rapport, inspiring trust and exuding authority to the customer.

On a personal level, I help manage a charity, a mosque and I deliver weekly sermons to over 200 people. I also coach members of my local community in everyday challenges of life, as well as provide counselling and mentoring to whoever requires it. My philosophy on life is:

I am truly blessed by God to be given the life I have been given. It is much more than what I deserve. Hence, I am going to put 100% into each and every day I have left in order to repay back through the interaction I have with each and every soul I come accross.


Areas of Agile Expertise

I am dedicated to helping organizations achieve better business outcomes through the systematic application of agile delivery methods across the entire enterprise.

The first step is to be amongst leaders and influencers within the organization. It is here that my role of Agile evangelist takes shape, encouraging others to support the transformation by word and example.

I can cater the transformation in a way that respects where each company is today, regardless of size or complexity, while laying a foundation for where it needs to be in the future.

A good Agile coach makes his presence felt from day one. A great Agile coach facilitates such that the organization and the teams within complete a journey of self-discovery into Agile.

I have expertise that is primarily focused on the transition patterns and intermediate states necessary to safely and pragmatically lead any company through a structured and planned transformation.

As an award winning Scrum Master, I have a proven track record of successful delivery and will facilitate the successful delivery of projects, alongside achieving buy-in from executive level down to the technical specialists.

I am available for 1-2-1 coaching, coaching circles, advice and anything else which can serve my life philosophy above.



My Core Competencies


My Articles

Musings of an Enterprise Coach, Speaker and Disruptive Thinker

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